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Betingelser: Privacy Policies, Studio Procedures, and terms and conditions at Dancify.

Prices, specifications, and terms & conditions are subject to change without notice. Dancify is not responsible for errors in typography and/or photography.

Litt sånn kort:

Dine rettigheter – angrerett ved kjøp av kurs og alle andre produkter Dancify leverer:
Angrerettsloven gir deg rett til å angre ditt kjøp ved netthandel. Angreretten gjelder kun for fysiske varer – ikke for påmelding til kurs, månedsabonnement, klippekort eller workshops. Avbooking pga. sykdom krever skriftlig legeerklæring, og vi vil da utsette kurset til en senere kursperiode etter avtale. Kursavgifter refunderes ikke (dette gjelder også workshops, minikurs og andre produkter vi tilbyr).
Angrerett: Ved kjøp av kortere kurs og kursrekker gjelder ikke angrerettsloven på samme måte som ved kjøp av f.eks gods på internett.

1. Dancify Free Week:

  • Registration for our Free Week is NOT binding!
  • Participation in Free Week Classes are NOT binding!
  • Former dance experience is NOT necessary for joining the BEGINNER CLASSES!
  • Partner NOT necessary!
  • Add «notifications(at) & «post(at)» to your contact list as we will contact you for any matters regarding your registration/ participation, schedule updates, etc using «notifications(at) & «post(at)».
    Please make sure these 2 email addresses are in your contact list in your e-mail program. Also check your spam box/ junk box in case there are any email from us there 😉
  • All our notification/ news updates include an unsubscribe link in case you do not wish to receive such information.
  • Check-in: Upon your arrival, please check-in at the reception to confirm your participation.

2. Email Solicitations:

From time to time, all our customers (free and paid) receive email notifications (such as updates, news, special offers, website updates, etc.). We hate spam! At anytime, if you do not wish to receive further notifications from us, we have included a «one click, no question asked why» unsubscribe link under all our notification e-mails. Just click and Voila! You are unsubscribed. In the new page, you have a the possibility to resubscribe in case you pushed the unsubscribe button by accident 😉 otherwise, you will never hear from us anymore. Should you wish to resubscribe, you are most welcome back to do so anytime at our home page!

We will not sell or give your e-mail address to any 3rd party.

3. Dancify website:

All texts and descriptions, images and videos at Dancify website (https:/ are parts of Dancify training & education programs. It is not allowed to copy, modify, alter, and/or enhance these materials for any purpose whatsoever, unless specific written permission is obtained from Dancify.

4. Housekeeping:

We strive to keep a clean and tidy dance studio not only to create an enjoyable atmosphere, but also for the safety and comfort for all dancers on our floor. – Leave personal items only in the wardrobe area. This is by the reception and your belongings be safely stowed. No bags or coats are allowed on the floor as they may become a tripping hazard to dancers. Dancify Studio does not accept any liability for your personal belongings.

  • No street shoes are allowed on the floor, as the outside dirt can damage the surface of our floor and create sticking or slipping hazards to those dancing on the floor. Bring your dance shoes separately to change into when you arrive.
  • No food, drink, or chewing gum on the floor during class or during breaks
  • see the above note about sticking and slipping hazards. – Smoking and pets are prohibited on Dancify premises as prescribed by local, state and federal laws
  • Dress code: Any comfortable clothing that allows for movement is acceptable. Although dancing is an athletic endeavor, tennis shoes or running shoes are not the best type of footwear for dancing as rubber soles prevent smooth movement across the floor. We suggest that you wear dress shoes that you might wear out to a club for dancing or to a wedding. For woman, shoes that have heel support and an ankle strap are best. For more committed dancers, shoes made specifically for dancing can be purchased
  • speak to your teacher about the best options and the types of shoes we sell.

5. Dancing is physical exercise

You participate at your own risk and it is your responsibility to consult your physician to confirm your fitness capabilities before beginning any dance lessons. A doctors’ note may be required to begin a class if you have special physical concerns, or to return to activity after an absence from class due to injury, illness, or during pregnancy. Always make your teacher aware of any physical limitations or concerns that you may have.

6. Arrival and Attendance:

  • Class will start promptly at the designated time. – Arriving a bit earlier to change your shoes and prepare yourself for class is suggested. Arriving late to class can be disruptive to other students, distracting to the focus of a learning atmosphere and difficult on the groups’ progression in learning. If you arrive later than 15 minutes past the start time of class, it is up to your teachers’ discretion as to whether or not you will be allowed to join the class on the floor, or be required to only observe.
  • Notifying us of missing a class, or if you are running late is an appropriate courtesy. Please contact us to let us know your circumstances.
  • Street parking is accessible and available in the area. It is a student’s responsibility to abide by all local parking regulations and fees. For evening classes, (after 20:00) street parking in the area is FREE of charge, but can be hard to find empty spots. Count 20-30 min to find a parking spot. There are also parking houses 10- 15 min walk from Dancify Studio. Dancify Studio accepts no responsibility for student vehicles, or any and all fines accrued as they relate to parking or any and all costs as it relates to accidental damage.

7. Etiquette & Conduct

  • In all group classes, you will be expected to rotate to different partners. Our experience has shown us that dancing with different partners is not only the best way to learn and retain the material, but it’s also the best way to make new friends! Don’t be shy!
  • we promise it will be fun. Anyhow, if you come as a couple and for any reason you do not wish to change partner, that would be just fine.
  • Care in personal hygiene is essential in any partner dancing. Please, make sure that your breathe, body odor, and clothing are all pleasantly clean and fresh.
  • Private video taping of group classes or Dancify shows is strictly prohibited. Video taping of private lessons may be allowed. Approval must be obtained from Dancify teachers and management prior to any video taping.
  • No Cell phones allowed on the floor. Please make sure cell phones are turned to a non-disruptive ringing mode during class. If you must take a call during class, you may excuse your self and take calls outside.
  • If for any reason you need to leave the premises during a group class, please notify your teacher so we will not spend time either waiting on you or trying to locate you. You may leave the floor during class for a bathroom break when necessary without notifying your teacher.
  • All participants are expected to pay attention, and follow the instructions, specially during the group classes. This has an essential impact on the overall quality of the class and well being of all participants, feeling the progress of their dance.
  • We are thrilled to meet the many diverse personalities that join our school and truly believe that every individual’s personality should be allowed to shine. That said, anyone who is expressing a difficult, overly negative, inappropriate or disruptive attitude will be dismissed from any class at any time at the teachers sole discretion.. Dancify offers no refunds in such issues..
  • If you need to speak with your teacher regarding any aspect of your dancing, please make an appointment. Our teachers have very full schedules while they are teaching at the studio, so unexpected conversations can be difficult to accommodate. We will be happy to give you our undivided attention via phone call or personal meeting at a time that is scheduled specifically for you.

8. Registration, Withdrawals or Class Changes

  • Initial Registration should occur prior to the start of class. You will be required to make payment for your chosen plan before attending any classes.
  • Classes are non-transferable. Missed classed are not pro-rated or redeemable for cash. Make up classes for your absences are not provided. We can offer short private sessions before your next class (rate depends on the length of the private session) so that you can learn what you have missed, please speak to us about prices. This way you will stay up to date even if you missed that one class.
  • You can decide to withdraw from a group class anytime for any reason, please note that «Dancify» does not offer any refund.
  • Should there be any cancellation or changes to your regularly scheduled class time, we will do everything possible to notify you via phone and email contact information that you have provided to us. Additionally, all class changes and cancellations will be posted on our website at You are responsible to take note of your class changes to mitigate your inconvenience.
  • Should Dancify Studio cancel a class due a public holiday or instructor sickness, Dancify will provide a replacement class for the entire group and will notify the group on the schedule page.
  • The minimum amount of participants for a class to run sustainably is 8. Dancify keeps the right to cancel any class with less that 8 registered participants, and in this case, Dancify will fully refund your payment of the cancelled class.

9. Payments, Discounts

– We accept cash, bank transfer and all major credit cards. We also accept payments by sending you an invoice (+ Nok 39,-). We also offer discounts for students.
– Referral discounts are given to those who bring a new student to “Dancify” Studio.

10. Private Lessons

– All private lessons must be booked and paid in advance at Dancify reception or online at
– Options to purchase a discounted package of private lessons may be available
– ask us for details.
– Private lessons are non-transferable and are provided only to the intended student. Additional students may not in join a private lesson. – If for any reason you need to cancel a class it should happen minimum 24 hours due your class. Later than that no refund will be available.

11. Refund Policy

– All sales for Dancify classes/ class packages, advantage cards (Silver, Gold, Diamond), etc. are final. Dancify does not offer any refund in case you cancel your plan.

12. Additional Terms & Conditions for Dancify Weekenders & Events

This is a legal agreement between you and Dancify – International Weekenders (“IW”) stating the terms that govern your use of this website, any purchases from this website, including without limitation, festival tickets, as well as you certain matters related to your attendance at our International Weekenders and any events sold, supported or promoted through this website. This agreement – together with all updates, additional terms, licenses, and all of IW’s rules and policies – collectively constitute the “agreement” between you and Dancify. By using this website you agree to these terms.


1. Definition of Weekenders

Dancify provides weekenders with both national and International Instructors (including without limitation any and all pre- and after-parties) and its related website (the “Weekender” and “Website” respectively). Your use of this website is conditioned upon your agreement to the terms and conditions stated herein.

2. Consent to Terms

Please read these terms of sale carefully. You will be asked to expressly agree to these terms of sale before you place an order for products from any of our websites.

3. Objectionable Material

You understand that by using the Website or attending the Weekender, you may encounter content that may be deemed offensive, indecent, or objectionable, which content may or may not be identified as having explicit language. Nevertheless, you agree to use this site or attend the Festival at your sole risk and that Dancify shall have no liability to you for content that may be found to be offensive, indecent, or objectionable. Content types and descriptions are provided for convenience, and you acknowledge and agree that Dancify does not guarantee their accuracy.

4. Refund Policy

All ticket/ pass sales for Dancify Weekenders are final. A full refund of the purchase price will be given for cancelled events only. To qualify for a 50% refund the buyer must contact Dancify 30 days before the event. Within the period of 30 or less days before the event there are no refunds. Refunds for cancelled events must be requested within 30 days of the event cancellation. Postponed or rescheduled events will not be refunded. Purchases are transferable up to 5 days before the event.

5. Photography/Video Waiver

I hereby grant Dancify (including without limitation, any Dancify affiliates or related parties and their advertisers), the absolute and irrevocable right and unrestricted permission in respect of photographic portraits or pictures videos that were taken of me or in which I may be included with others, to copyright the same, in Festival’s or Dancify’s own name or otherwise; to use re–use, publish, and re–publish the same in whole or in part, individually or in any and all media now or hereafter known, and for any purpose whatsoever, for illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising and trade, or any other purpose whatsoever without restriction as to alteration; and to use my name in connection therewith if Weekender or Dancify so chooses. I hereby release and discharge Dancify from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the photographs or videos, including without limitation any and all claims for libel or invasion of privacy. This authorization and release shall also inure to the benefit of the heirs, successors in interest, legal representatives, licensees, and assigns of in Festival’s or Dancify’s, as well as the person(s) for whom he/she took the photographs or videos. I have read the above release and fully understand the contents thereof. This release shall be binding upon me and my heirs, legal representatives, and assigns. This said, for whatever reason you do not wish to be filmed or photographed during the event, please let the camera crew know in advance. This way they make sure they won’t film/ photograph you.

7. Injury Liability Waiver:

“I, (the customer, website user, purchase), have registered for the Weekender offered by Dancify. I recognize that the event may involve strenuous physical activity including, but not limited to, muscle strength and endurance training, cardiovascular conditioning and training, and other various fitness activities. I hereby affirm that I am in good physical condition and do not suffer from any known disability or condition which would prevent or limit my participation in this event. I acknowledge that my enrollment and subsequent participation in purely voluntary and in no way mandated by the Weekender and/ or Dancify” “In consideration of my participation in this program, I, (the customer, website user, purchaser), hereby release the Weekender and Dancify and its agents and employees from any claims, demands, and causes of action as a result of my voluntary participation and enrollment.” “I fully understand that I may injure myself as a result of my enrollment and subsequent participation in this event and I, (the customer, website user, purchaser), hereby release the Weekender and Dancify and its employees and agents from any and all liability now or in the future for conditions that I may obtain. these conditions may include, but are not limited to, heart attacks, muscle strains, muscle pulls, muscle tears, broken bones, shin splints, heat prostration, injuries to knees, injuries to back, injuries to foot, neck, limbs, torso, or any other illness or soreness that I may incur, including death.

8. Dance Floor & Dance Shoes

“All participants must enter the dance floor with proper shoes. Dance Shoes or indoor shoes which does not make black marks and-or scratches the dance floor are required.

9. Prices and promotional offerings

Dancify endeavors to offer you competitive prices on current selections. Your total price will include the price of the Product plus any applicable sales tax (in effect on the day of purchase). I Dancify reserves the right to change prices for Products offered at any time, and does not provide price protection or refunds in the event of a price drop or promotional offering.

10. Acceptance of terms

Your use of any Products purchased from the website is conditioned upon your prior acceptance of the Terms of Service, including, without limitation, the Usage Rules set forth therein.

11. Errors and changes to terms

Dancify is not responsible for typographic errors. Dancify reserves the right to add, change or amend any of the above policies & rules at any time. Customers are encouraged to review this document «Terms & Conditions» on a periodic basis for modifications.


Privacy Policy

Dancify respects your privacy. We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal information collected from our customers, suppliers and supporters, as stipulated in the Privacy Act of 14 April 2000 and to meet current internet best practice. The following statement explains The Foundation for Dancify’s policy regarding the personal information you may give to us when using our web site (

Statement of Intent From time to time, you will be asked to submit personal information about yourself (eg name and e-mail address etc) in order to receive or use services on our web site or to enable Dancify to contact you. Such services include feedback forms, complaint forms, consultation questionnaires, and reviews. Whenever you provide such personal information, we will treat it in accordance with this policy. Cookies Many websites place cookies whenever a user visits their site, in order to track traffic flows. Cookies are text files that identify your computer to the server. We do not use any third party cookies on this website (

Submitting Personal Information

When you supply any personal information through this website we have legal obligations towards you (as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998) in the way we deal with that data. We will only use your information for the purpose for which you have given it. We will hold your personal information on our systems for as long as you use the service you have requested, and remove it in the event that the purpose has been met. We will not sell, assign, disclose or rent your personal information to any other external organization or individual.

Users under 18 years of age

If you are under 18, please make sure that you obtain your parent / guardian’s permission beforehand whenever you provide personal information to Dancify website. Users without this consent are not allowed to provide us with personal information. Your Consent By using our website you consent to the use of your information in the way set out above. If we decide to change our privacy policy we will post changes on this page so that you are kept informed.

Our logo

Copying the «Dancify» logo for use on another website is not permitted without asking specific permission beforehand. Ordinarily, consent will be provided if that logo is to be used as a link to the home page of our website at https:/ – in which case you must include an Alt Tag with the image which says, «Dancify,»

Linking to our site

You do not need to ask permission to link directly to the home page of our site at https:/ Virus protection We make every effort to check and test materials held on this website at all stages of production. It is always wise for you to run an anti-virus program on all material downloaded from the Internet. We cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage to your data or your computer system which may occur whilst using material derived from this website. Privacy Policies & Studio Procedures at Dancify.


Leiekontrakt Dancify Kurs-og festivalsenter
Alle som leier Dancify må betale et depositum på kr. 3.000,-  Vask kan bestilles for kr. 2000,-. Da rydder dere det vesentligste og vi tar søppel etc.

Når leiesum og depositum er inne på vår konto og denne kontrakt er signert av begge parter, får leietaker tilgang til lokalene. Dagen etter utleien sjekker utleier om lokalet er ryddet, om noe er knust eller ødelagt. Er alt i orden betaler utleier tilbake depositum.
Dancify lokaler skal ikke brukes til arrangementer med inngangspenger eller salg av alkohol. 

Leietaker må være over 25 år og legitimasjon må forvises.


  • Avbestilling innen 6 uker før utleiedato, får leietaker hele leiebeløpet beløpet og depositum tilbake. 
  • Avbestilling 4 uker før beholder utleier depositum 
  • Avbestilling 2 uker før beholdes hele leiebeløpet, men depositum tilbakebetales. 

Bestilling er først bekreftet når utleier har mottatt kontrakt i undertegnet stand og leietaker har betalt inn leiesum og depositum. 


Leiekontrakt må returneres i underskrevet stand senest 2 uker etter mottatt kontrakt, i motsatt fall blir reserveringen opphevet. 


Leiebeløpet betales bankkonto: 1506.14.11388 Dancify AS. 


NB! Merk med dato for leie og navn på leier.
Befaring av lokalet skjer etter nærmere avtale på mail.

Overtakele/ Levering

Leietaker overtar lokalene i rengjort stand og overleverer lokalene i rengjort stand med inventar/utstyr i den stand det forefinnes ved leieforholdets begynnelse. Uaktsomhet, tap eller annen skade på inventar og utstyr står leietaker økonomisk ansvarlig for. Manglende rengjøring av lokalet vil medføre ekstra utgifter som trekkes fra depositum.
Leietaker må forsikre seg om at vinduer og dører er forsvarlig lukket og lys slukket før lokalene låses.

Leietaker bes rapportere til utleier om mangler, skade eller andre kritikkverdige forhold på mail.

Skade på inventar og utstyr

Leietaker er innforstått med at enhver skade på inventar og utstyr som er selvforskyldt av leier eller leiers gjester skal erstattes etter gjenkjøpspris. Tyveri og hærverk av enhver art skal også erstattes og blir politi anmeldt. Enhver skade eller tyveri i lokalene skal straks rapporteres til utleier. Det er forbudt å overnatte i noen del av bygningen. Leietaker er selv ansvarlig for gjenstander som etterlates i selskapslokalet uten tilsyn.
Det er ikke lov å feste noe som setter merker i veggene. Bruk kun de festene som allerede er montert i lokalene, hyssing og lignende dersom noe skal henges opp. 

Leietaker kan ikke sette opp skilter, dekorasjoner eller plakater ute uten tillatelse fra utleieren. 

Opprydding og tilbake plassering av møblement

Etter hvert arrangement er leietaker ansvarlig for opprydding og tilbake plassering av møblement.
Leietaker skal fjerne alt de bringer inn i lokalene (som søppel- og matavfall, matbeholdere, servise, kaffekanner, tomflasker m.m.) innen leietiden. Alt som blir stående igjen blir destruert av utleier og bekostningene med dette blir trukket av depositum.


Alt av glassemballasje må ryddes vekk og taes med.
Sikringsskap finnes i studio 2.

Levende lys/ Røyking

All form for levende lys er forbudt inne i lokalene. Det er ikke tillatt å røyke i lokalene.
Røkere må gå helt ut av bygningen.


Det er ikke lov å fremleie lokalene videre til en tredjepart uten utleiers samtykke.


Både leietaker og utleier kan kansellere leie av selskapslokaler/ selskapslokalet. For leietakeren kan dette medføre kostnader om avbestillingsfrist er utgått. Streik, lock-out, blokade eller andre forhold partene ikke rår over ( Force Majeure) som for eksempel brann, eksplosjon, maskinskade, ukontrollert utstrømming av vann, avbrytelse av tilførsel av vann, strøm, telefon m.v., opptøyer, krig eller inngrep av offentlig myndighet, fritar utleier fra å oppfylle sine forpliktelser i henhold til leieavtalen. Likeledes bortfaller under slike forhold plikt til å betale taps- eller skade erstatning.


Dancify tilbyr gratis parkeringsplasser 17:00—02:00 alle dager.
Helger kl 17:00 på fredag til kl 24:00 på søndag.