Welcome to Dancify, Norway’s first, longest existing, and from January 2019, also the largest dance studio in its kind in the country.

We love to dance, teach, choreograph, perform and organize friendly and high quality dance classes and events for the public. This is not only our full-time job, but also our passion and life! Our school has also been called SalsaSite, Nite Dancers’ Club and Dancify.

We take good care of you:

We have created the perfect atmosphere for learning, having fun and socialising at Dancify, dedicating to offer the best quality in all we do for you:

  • Awesome pedagogy
  • Fun classes in all levels
  • Fast results
  • Kind instructors
  • Many popular dance styles
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Elegant and central location
  • Great variety of good music
  • Good sound system
  • Good dance floor
  • Beautiful lighting
  • Effective combination of classes & party of the same dance style on the same day and location, so you can practice right away what you learn and make best use of your investment of time and money.
  • This is truly a place of art with a heart!

About Dancify,
Experienced and Fun Instructors

Rey the Blacksmith (Reza) is knowledgeable, professional, dedicated, kind, humorous and a highly experienced instructor. He keeps himself up to date with his dance. He is a smooth and comfortable dancer. Rey will equip you with necessary tools to become a good, smooth, comfortable and attractive dancer on any dance floor around the world.

When you join Rey’s classes, you will see how his combination of technical knowledge and creative and clear pedagogy keep each class interesting and enjoyable. He dances with all participants and offer them personal feedback during group classes to help them learn faster and better. You will notice how much more you learn and remember in Rey’s classes, than in any other dance class you have ever joined!
Even thou Rey has so much knowledge, experience and dedication, he is down to earth, accessible and is devoted to make you shine, no matter if you wish to learn just a few steps or become a dance professional yourself.
Click here to read more about Reyza.

About Dancify,
Our Dance Forms

Dancify offers top quality classes (group & private), parties, festival and shows in many of the most beautiful and popular recreational dances such as Salsa, Bachata, Brazilian Zouk, West Coast Swing, Brazilian Zouk, Bachata, Floor Shines, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, Burlesque, Wedding Dances. Dancify is the place where ordinary people come to achieve something extraordinary! Please check the schedule for finding our current group classes or contact us to book private classes or classes and shows for your special event.
Click here to visit our Dance Styles page.

About Dancify,
Our Dance Practicas:

We see the importance in the learning process of having social dance right after the class, to practice what you have just learnt so you will never forget! We start with slow music then gradually we include faster songs, so that everyone can be skilled dancing to all speeds of music. Our events are very inclusive, so we warmly welcome teachers and students from all dance schools in Oslo and other towns to come together to learn more, teach, practice, play music, make friendship, find dance partners and have lots of fun! Here you can try many different dance forms (we have 4 weekly parties), and meet many people with similar interests as you 🙂 We have great selections of new and older songs and keep our playlists up to date. You can join only the parties or also drop in the group lesson before the party. Please check the schedule for finding the times for our dance parties.
Please check our «History» page for more information.

With love and much appreciations,
Dancify.me by Rey