Rey The Blacksmith

Rey the Blacksmith:

One dance a day keeps the doctor away!
Dancing has done a lot good to me, and I am sure it will do the same to many!

Reza has been teaching couple dancing since 1993. He teaches: Salsa Cross Body Lead Style On1 & On2 (Eddie Torres Style), Brazilian Zouk (Zouk Love/ Rio Zouk), Bachata, West Coast Swing, Cha Cha Cha, and Merengue.

Reza is the most experienced Zouk male instructor in Norway. He has learnt Brazilian Zouk from the best Zouk dancers/ instructors in the world. Kadu and Larissa, Leonardo and Layssa, Carlos and Fernanda, Arthur Bellaguarda and Isabel Rocha, Junior Carvalho, and Karina Hoepers.

He is the one who brought the modern bachata to Oslo and eastern part of Norway.

Reza’s class:

Reza uses modern and efficient methods (are used in New York and internationally) to transfer the rhythm and the dance to his students. Once you take a class with Reza, you will experience how fun and well explained his classes are. No matter your dance background, dance level or cultural background, you will always feel safe and have fun at Reza’s class.

Salsa Styles:

Reza has tried and learnt most types of salsa styles until he met his passion «New York Mambo/ Salsa On2» in the heart of salsa, New York City in 1995 at Latin Quarter. Reza has studied salsa/ mambo with the New York’s primer Mambo/ Salsa king, Eddie Torres. He travels to NYC regularly to keep his dance and teaching technique updated.

Reza is the pioneer of the famous, and sophisticated Salsa New York Style On2 in Norway and Scandinavia. The following salsa terms was brought to Norway by Reza in 1996: – New York Salsa On2 – Cross Body Lead – Lady Styling – Shines – Salsa Aerobic – Dance floor etiquette – Spinning – Half turns – Timing – Counting the music from 1 to 8 – Salsa NightClub Style and more…

More of Reza’s history:

Hi everybody! My name is Reza! I am born and grown up in the north east Iran. I have always been surrounded by beautiful high mountains and wonderful and great people, specially my mom.
I love nature, climbing high mountains, and dancing.


Why latin Couple dances!?

I had always a dream since I was a little child. Dancing Spanish! Don´t ask me why Spanish. I don´t have a clue why, when or how this word came to my mind! Maybe my parents brought me to a dance movie!?  I dreamed of a couple on a stage. The stage was all dark, but there was a light on the couple all the time no matter how or where they moved

Anyway, I met the magic, energetic, exotic, and happy Latin rhythm in 1993! Since then I have been a Latin- music and dance addict! I tested my blood: Yes, I tested my blood two times once in 1993 and another time for a few days ago. I still don`t have any salsa stuff in my blood. A kind of frustrating right? 🙂


In the beginning Merengue was my favorite! It still is, actually! I didn’t like salsa much!! I just couldn’t get it! The more classes I attended the less I understood! Took classes here and there, teacher after teacher! Whenever I went to a new teacher to learn «SALSA» I would find out more that I couldn’t make it!

Salsa New York Style:

Met Salsa New York Style on 2 for the first time in New York City in 1995!

I worked on Eddie Torres Timing Tape and Instruction Videos in about half a year on my own, and finally in 1996 I got THE POINT!! I could now hear and move to the 2nd and the 6th beat! What a great feeling. You really have to experience it to understand this great joy! I realized that Salsa is not just Salsa, but it can be danced to the different beats to the same rhythm. Oh my dear God! Yes I remember it very good, it was 1996 that I got THE POINT!! I was so angry with all those teachers who never explained this to me! I wonder if they knew, or may be they did but just couldn’t explain it!

I started teaching what I learned from Eddie´s instructions videos in summer 1998, but very soon I realized that my knowledge wasn´t enough if I wanted to follow up my students. I traveled back to NYC in December 1998! I studied this Dance until March 1999 when I started teaching it in March 1999 and in October 1999 I went back to NYC, and this time for about 6 months!

I am now teaching this Salsa style and other couple dances, and my dream is to let this unique and elegant style and all the couple dances I love flower all around me. I would like to give as many individual as possible the pleasure of experiencing the wonderful world of «Mambo/ Salsa» specifically and couple dancing in general!

I tell you what,  no matter how you look like, no matter where you come from, and no matter if you have never danced before or not, you will learn and move to the exotic Latin rhythm specifically, and any rhythm in general just like if you had them in your blood!

My mission is offering the great gift of couple dancing I got from Eddie and all my great dance teachers to as many as possible.

Happy dancing and see you on the dance floor.