Danseskole og Studioleie Oslo

Studioleie Oslo. Studio Rental Oslo;

Dancify is a true oasis for dance, Yoga and special events and occasions.

Dancify has 3 dedicated and unfurnished rooms made for dancing and similar activities. With its 800 m2 size, it is  located in the beautiful capital of Norway, Oslo in walking distance from Hasle, Økern, Løren, and Ulven.
We moved here in January 2019.
Our charming place is situated on the top floor which gives a light and spacious feeling.

We have 3 studios. Rental prices depend on the amount of hours one rents, and the events' nature.

Dancify 3 is about 85 m2.

Dancify 2 is about 150 m2.

Dancify 1 is about 300 m2.

  • Dancify 3/ about 85 m2

  • Dancify 2/ about 150 m2

  • Dancify 1/ about 300 m2

All artists are most welcome

All artists are most welcome to organize their events, group classes, private lessons, practice, rehearsals, dance parties, shows at Dancify amazing locations.
Activities, such as meditation, meetings and lectures are also welcome


When you enter our studio, you immediately find our free self-service wardrobe, where you can change your shoes and keep your belongings.


Entry with indoor/ dance shoes only! Regular shoes have a tendency to make scratches and or black marks on the floor. They  also bring in small stones.
You can also enter/ dance/ with socks.


Right before the wardrobe,  there are 8 toilets.


Right after the wardrobe is our reception where you are received with a smile. Here you can  ask questions, schedule your private sessions, and make payments.

The Dance Floor:

The 3 smooth and beautiful dance floors will give you the pleasure of moving to your favourite music with the ease of mind.
Outdoor shoes are not allowed. This protects not only the dance floor, but also others’ beautiful dance shoes.

Sound system:

Sound is critical, and a good sound system is one of the most important parts of any event.
Your guests will remember the good feeling of listening to the music you played or the speech you made.
All 3 rooms are equipped with good speakers. All you need to do is connection your sound source through a MiniJack connection which is available, and connected to the already installed mixers.

MicrJack AdaptorNB! You need to bring with an adaptor in case your device use a MicroJack or USB-C connector.

Mics and headsets are available for rent at reasonable prices.
We have both hand hold and headsets.


All 3 studios are equipped with soft atmosphere lights to create the right atmosphere for the right occasion. No flashing or disturbing lights that distract you while you prepare a nice triple turn.
The regular activity lights lights in Dancify 1 (New York) and Dancify 2 (Buenos Aires)) are dimmable.

Relaxing and socialising:

There is a sitting and area around the hallway connecting to all 3 studios. where you can rest your feet, enjoy a chat before your and after your class.

Studio Rental Oslo:

Contact us for questions or to book a visit.
Other facilities we have:

  • Mirror walls in all 3 studios
  • Good dance floor
  • Projector and screen (E
  • Good sound system
  • Dimmable lights
  • Atmosphere lights & mirror balls
  • Good ventilation system
  • Free parking during the evening time and weekends, otherwise Reasonable parking fees at the guest parking, like 15 kr per hour.


Eikenga 11, 0579 Oslo

Find detailed info on how to get there at the Contact page.
Come and join us to make this place yours!
With joy and much appreciation,