Zouk Thursdays Workshops & Party

Zouk workshops and parties Karina, the Zouk Queen in Norway is back! 100% ZOUK NITE: ZOUK WORKSHOP INCLUDING LADY’S & GENTS’ STYLING) with KARINA & REYZA! PROGRAM: 17:30–18:30 BEGINNERS 18:45–19:45 IMPROVERS 20:00-21:00 INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED (Custom-made, new moves every time). THE WORKSHOP INCLUDES AWESOME TECHNIQUE & STYLING both for LADIES && GENTS! 21:00-00:00: ZOUK PARTY (FREE for class participants): The most experienced Zouk Djs in Norway, Reyza or Karina, playing the greatest and newest Zouk, Kizomba, RnB, Reggaeton, Ragga, Hip-hop, Pop, Arabic, Black (African American) & mixes. Zouk Schedule: www.salsasite.no/cgi-bin/site/zouk_kursplan.cgi PRICES: PARTY: Kr. 50,- CLASSES: Drop-in: kr 200,- 160,- Students. You can also purchase the 8-weeks cards, punch card or advantage cards, for complete price list please see: www.salsasite.no/cgi-bin/site/classes_sign_up.cgi PARTNER NOT NECESSARY! ♫ * • ♡ ღ ☆ ♥ ☆ ღ ♡ • * ♫ REGULAR INSTRUCTORS: The instructors are the most experienced Zouk pedagogues in Norway. Karina (Brazil): the most experienced female Zouk pedagogue in Scandinavia, teaching in Norway from April to November every year. Reyza: Norway’s most experienced male Zouk Instructor. Rodrigo: A very experienced Zouk instructor from Brazil, often visiting Norway. Learn from true dance (& Zouk) pedagogues, who focus of elegant and sensual Zouk Love moves, with safety for your body! They are fun to be with, and make sure everyone get the right technique! MORE ABOUT KARINA: Karina has 24 years of experience in teaching and performing Zouk. Read more about her: www.salsasite.no/cgi-bin/site/classes_instructors.cgi?_default_siteObject_siteObjectID=517934 MORE ABOUT REYZA: eyza has been teaching dance since 1993. He has learned zouk from Kadu & Larissa, Leonardo & Layssa, Carlos and Fernanda, Arthur Bellaguarda & Isabel Rocha, Junior Carvalho, Karina and other Brazilian teachers. Read more about him: www.salsasite.no/cgi-bin/site/classes_instructors.cgi?_default_siteObject_siteObjectID=9043 When Rodrigo in in town, he will teach instead of Reyza from mid June 2014. Karina teaches with Reyza and Rodrigo when she is in town, from April to November 2014. ♫ * • ♡ ღ ☆ ♥ ☆ ღ ♡ • * ♫ A concept to enlighten your dance life @ the best party location for couple dances in Norway! Look very much forward to see you all on Thursdays! It will be lots of fun! Best regards, BIG hugs, and much appreciation, Reyza, Karina & Rodrigo 🙂