Lady Styling

Lady styling Oslo with Karina Dragonfly

Lady Styling Oslo; we offer specific classes for ladies in WCS, Brazilian Zouk, Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, and more…

Group Classes

Group classes will be announced. You can also order a private session for a group of friends.

Included in all our group classes

In our regular group classes, Karina always teaches ladies a lot of style and technique. This is a great opportunity as in such classes the leaders are present and we can practice right away in the couple dancing how the techniques feel like.

Karina’s Ladies’ Styling Concept:

Lady Styling Oslo with Karina DragonflyAbout Karina: More than good techniques, Karina has got a feminine, sensual and spontaneous way of moving. Karina holds nothing back when she teaches! More than teaching beautiful moves, Karina teaches concepts and proper techniques. She will give you the tools to execute all types all moves you will be learning the rest of your life!
Karina is a lovely person and has got a fun and dynamic way to teach!

Lady Styling Oslo with Karina Dragonfly and her dance styles!

Themes that Karina teaches often in her Ladies’ Classes:

  • Posture, balance
  • How to feel and look feminine in your dance, even doing a basic step;
  • Body Movement, body rolls, and all around stylish moves;
  • Spins & turns techniques, spotting;
  • Fancy arm styling (alone and with partner)
  • Hip moves (circles, eights, shimmies, mm.)
  • Shines (short choreographies and footwork);
  • Shoulder shimmies, shoulder moves;
  • Posing in every move;
  • Head whips;
  • Kicks – when and when NOT to kick;
  • Professional-looking foot and leg positions;
  • Attitude, expression, confidence-building;
  • Speed, Control;
  • Techniques to be a good follower;
  • Lightness: NOT TO BE HEAVY to the guys and by yourself;
  • Spontaneity and how to create your own moves, with and without a partner;
  • Playing with the music, feeling the rhythm;
  • Walking techniques
  • Timing review (we assume you already know timing from group classes),
    and much more

You will develop so much self-confidence on the dance floor! This transformation will surely spread to your whole life, when walking, sitting, standing, talking, etc. Every class is unique: Classes are not based on the previous ones. Therefore you can choose to join just one class, or many, depending on your possibilities. Costume made classes: Karina requests all the ladies to register in advance, so she will plan her class according to who is coming and what their needs are. You can also write to Karina requesting the favorite subjects you would like to learn, and she will consider them as much as possible, according to the majority of requests. What to wear during the class: Preferably Tight Pants (stretchable) – Try to avoid JEANS, as they tend to lock your moves and often don’t give the best results on how cool the moves can look. Stretchable jeans are great! You can also wear skirts or dresses that allow the moves and don’t get out of place while you are dancing.

Wear proper dance wear and dance shoes

Wear proper dance wear and dance shoes with medium or low solid heels, or jazz shoes with suede soles. Click here to read more about dance shoes. You find high quality dance outfits and dance shoes at our physical and online shop, located at the same place where the workshops take place. Visit by appointment.

What people say about Karina:

«It was about 1:30pm and I caught a glimpse of Karina dancing. It was a pleasure, graceful, sensual and natural. Her basic step was beautiful, it is very difficult to see people make the basic step look so good. Thanks for reminding me!
Andrea Stewart – Duende Dance Company. » Oslo, 13th of November 2005.
«Karina, it’s wonderful to watch you dancing! It looks so easy!» A.C. Oslo, December 2004.
«Dear Karina, I have been dancing for 5 years with different instructors, and your class was the most useful class I have ever been to! Thank you so much! Kisses, M.O. » Oslo, September 2004.

Private Lady Styling Classes

A great idea! You learn 5 to 20 times faster than in the group classes!
Contact us today to setup your individual sessions or mini-groups.

Learn Lady Styling at Home!?

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See you in the class!
With love,
Karina and I Love Dancing Team
Lady Styling Oslo