Oslo Zouk Passion

30th Jan—2nd Feb 2020

Workshops and parties with Wakko & Masha.
Welcome to a weekend filled with learning, dancing, socialising, and having crazy lots of fun!

Dancify proudly presents:
Oslo Zouk Passion
Featuring Wakko & Masha
– 2 days of workshops (Intermediate and up) & 2 nights of parties + Sunday After Workshops Social.
– Fun Pre party “Absolutt beginner” Zouk class on Friday and Saturday
– Free parking

Wakko and Masha improvising …

Scandinavia’s largest Zouk Floor

Scandinavia’s largest Zouk Floor

Why Oslo Zouk Passion!?

As creator of the beautiful Brazilian Zouk dance in Norway, our main goal of this event is:
– follow up our former and present Zouk students, and also Zouk community in general.
– bring as many as beloved Zouk dancers together in Oslo, the beautiful capital of Norway,.
Let’s meet, learn, socialise and have a great deal of fun!

Reza “Rey the Blacksmith”:

Dear beautiful friends.
My name is Reza (Rey the Blacksmith). I am the creator, director, and the head instructor of Dancify School, and the organiser of Norway Zouk project 2019-2020.
I am also considered to be is the most experienced Zouk male instructor in Norway.
I work with dance/ dance events on full time basis.
That is one important reason why I can simply not afford offering my students and guests a 2nd best option!”.
Even more important for me are mottos in life:
“Life is too short to do things halfway!”.
“Do what you love, and love what you do”
Thank you for joining my classes and events, as a blacksmith always appreciates when his/ her job is appreciated.